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BUK4001 Philosophy of Science and Ethics of Research

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Philosophy of Science and Ethics of Research




Target group:

The target group is PhD students. The competence requirement is that the student / doctoral candidate is registered to a research programme or holds a minimum of a master's degree with a minimum of 120 points/ECTS.

Opptakskrav og rangering

Admission requirements:

Applicants with a master's degree with a minimum of 120 ECTS, or doctoral candidates registered to a research programme.

The course has limited capacity for admission, and priority will be given to PhD candidates who follow an individual education plan where this particular course is included.

Ranking of applicants: 

1) Candidates registered at the PhD programme where the particular course is included will be prioritized. 

2) Other PhD candidates

3) Other qualified applicants

Studiets oppbygging og innhold

Course content: 

The course is structured as instruction and discussions of approaches within the philosophy of science, such as empiricism and positivism, pragmatism, critical rationalism, phenomenology, the tradition of Wittgenstein, hermeneutics, critical theory, critical realism as well as post-structuralism and postmodernism. Key debates to be addressed are:

  • positivism, pragmatism, Popper and Kuhn
  • scientific explanation and confirmation
  • understanding, interpretations and explanations in the humanities and social sciences
  • the linguistic turn in social science (Habermas)
  • critical realism in the social sciences
  • the ethics of science and research, and prejudice in science

The students will also delve into Analytical philosophy of science, Pragmatism and Continental philosophical considerations of the sciences. Emphasis is placed on both the general philosophy of science, as well as issues within the humanities and social sciences. The course also includes an introduction to the ethics of research, related to the various positions within philosophy of science.

The participants will familiarize themselves with the various thematic areas by working with given syllabus texts and through writing an essay.



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