Her vil vi fortløpende legge ut informasjon om våre foredragsholdere i plenum .

Bo Rothstein

Bo Rothstein holds the August Röhss Chair in Political Science at University of Gothenburg, where he is head of the Quality of Government (QoG) Institute. He is the Scientific Coordinator for ANTICORRP – Anti-Corruption Policies. He has published articles in scholarly journals such as World Politics, Comparative Political Studies, Comparative Politics, European Political Science Review, European Journal of Political Research, and Public Administration and Governance.

His main English languages books includes Just Institutions Matter: The Moral and Political Logic of the Universal Welfare State (1998) Cambridge University Press. Social Traps and the Problem of Trust (2005) Cambridge University Press. The Quality of Government: The Political Logic of Corruption, Inequality and Social Trust (2011) Chicago University Press. Good Government: The Relevance of Political Science. (2013) Edward Elgar (ed. together with Sören Holmberg) and Making Sense of Corruption (2017) Cambridge University Press (together with Aiysha Varraich)

He has been a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences since 2012 and he is a regular contributor to the Swedish public debate about issues related to his research.

Bård Kuvaas

Bård Kuvaas is a professor of Organizational Psychology at BI Norwegian School of Management. His research interests include behavioral decision making, intrinsic motivation, performance appraisal, pay and compensation, intragroup conflict, and the relationship between HR-practices/HR-systems and HR-outcomes.

Kuvaas' work has been publication in journals such as Journal of Management Studies, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Human Resource Management, European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, Employee Relations and Human Resource Management Journal.

He serve as a member of the Executive Committee for the HR Division at the Academy of Management. He is a member of the review boards of Journal of Organizational Behavior, European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, and Human Resource Management Review. In 2016 he received the BI Norwegian Business School research award for outstanding research. Kuvaas is frequently invited to give talks for practitioners on HRM issues.

Hilde Singsaas

Hilde Singsaas er direktør i DFØ siden august 2017. Har tidligere vært direktør i arbeidsgiverforeningen Spekter. Har også vært kommunikasjonsdirektør i Norges Bank, rådgiver i ECON og statssekretær ved Statsministerens kontor og i Finansdepartementet. Utdannet statsviter og har i tillegg en bachelorgrad i samfunnsøkonomi, begge fra Universitet i Oslo.

Tina Øllgaard Bentzen

Tina Øllgaard Bentzen is Associate Professor, Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde University. Her research has focused on the interplay between trust and control in organizations political leadership in municipalities and also includes studies of political leadership, collaborative governance and innovation.

Her recent publications includes “The birdcage is open, but will the bird fly”? How interactional and institutional trust interplay in public organisations, Journal of Trust Research (2019):2, 185-202. “Continuous co-creation: how ongoing involvement impacts outcomes of co-creation, Public Management Review (2020) DOI: 10.1080/14719037.2020.1786150, “Public administrators in interactive democracy: a multi-paradigmatic approach”, Local Government Studies, (2020):1, 139-162 (with Eva Sørensen). Tillidsbaseret styring og ledelse i offentlige organisationer. (2018) Jurist- og økonomiforbundet. And Samskabt styring. Nye veje til afbureaukratisering. (2020) Samfundslitteratur. Previous to her academic career, Bentzen worked as a chief consultant in public sector. She is a sought-after speaker and government advisor.