6EV399 Master thesis in applied ecology


Learning outcomes

A student with fulfilled qualifications will have the following learning outcome:



  • has advanced knowledge on the theories, methods and research as well as extensive knowledge on the most updated scientific literature within a specific topic in applied ecology chosen by the student



  • can plan and design scientific activities, and collect and analyze data for scientific research
  • can analyze and deal critically with various sources of information and use them to structure and formulate arguments
  • can carry out an independent research or development project of considerable size
  • can present the results from own research in a scientific community.    

General competence:



  • can communicate own scientific research as well as other important research findings from peer-reviewed publications to researchers as well as to students, stakeholders and the general public
  • can analyze and discuss relevant research ethical problems


Course content

The thesis is an independent scientific investigation into a topic within the broad concept of applied ecology. The thesis will be in the form and structure of a manuscript intended to be submitted to an international scientific journal. It is preferably written in English, but any Scandinavian language is accepted.

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

Teaching and working methods

Organization and methods of instructionIndependent work by the student under the supervision of a professional in the Field.


Obligatoriske krav som må være godkjent før eksamen kan avlegges

Coursework requirements

Oral presentation of the research project to peers and scientific staff.



One grade for the written thesis, adjusted by an oral presentation and a closed defense after thesis submission.

Grading according to ECTS-system on scale A–E for passed, and F for failed.