6EV327 Population monitoring using Capture Mark Recapture


Learning outcomes

A candidate with fulfilled qualifications will have the following learning outcome:


The student knows the concepts, applications and limitations of the Capture-Mark-Recapture (CMR) approach to monitor wildlife populations.


The student can design and implement a CMR study. The student can process and analyze simple CMR data, and interpret the results.

General competence

The student has a good understanding of the concepts underlying the monitoring of wildlife populations.




Course content


The course provides an introduction to the main methods based on capture-mark-recapture to estimate population density and demographic parameters such as survival and reproduction rates. The course covers theses methods from study design (e.g., when are capture-recapture studies appropriate? ) to data analysis, to the interpretation and communication or results.

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

Teaching and working methods

Lectures and practical exercises (mostly in class).

Obligatoriske krav som må være godkjent før eksamen kan avlegges





One final written report. Grading according to ECTS-system on scale A-E for passed and F for failed.