6EV322 Human dimension in ecosystem management


Learning outcomes

A student with fulfilled qualifications will have the following learning outcome:



  • understands general concepts in human dimensions, such as values, attitudes, norms and behavior.
  • has an understanding of different management systems, their ability to include interest groups, and their adaptiveness through a formal or informal learning process
  • is acquainted with basic principles of risk assessment and conflict resolution in natural resource management



  • is able to construct and analyze questionnaires including the use of Likert scales
  • knows when to use alternative data collection method other than questionnaires
  • is able to read and summarize scientific literature on natural resource management focusing on other disciplines than ecology

General competence:


  • is able to set up interdisciplinary groups to develop management strategies, and understand the most important pitfalls in such a process
  • uses knowledge of attitudes and norms to advise on strategies for management implementation and conflict avoidance
  • is able to use information, communication and education to increase support for management decisions



Course content

Concepts important to human dimension in ecosystem management, such as human values, attitudes, norms, behavior and trust, as well how we can measure them. Heberlein’s proposed fixes to environmental problems. The value of social science in nature conservation. Theories of environmental attitudes. Different management concepts, including Adaptive management, Integrated management, and Community-based management. Conflicts, and important aspects therein, such as stakeholders and governance.

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

Teaching and working methods

Lectures, group work, group presentations, and project work.

Obligatoriske krav som må være godkjent før eksamen kan avlegges

Coursework requirements

  • Group presentation on chapters from the course literature.
  • One written report on the construction, data collection and analysis of a questionnaire done in groups, with a following group presentation.
  • Group presentation of a chosen scientific paper within the field of Human Dimension in Ecosystem Management. 


A final written 3 hours exam with both shorter questions and an essay assignment.

Grading according to ECTS-system on scale A-E for passed and F for failed